Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bursitis trochanterica

Where exactly is the bursa located?


  1. that`s difficult...
    Studies have shown that up to 21 bursae can be found in the hip region.[Shbeeb MI, Matteson EL. Greater trochanteric bursitis (greater trochanter ain syndrome). Mayo Clin Proc. 1996;71(6):565-5691] Four bursae surround the greater trochanter; three are constant (two major and one minor). The minor bursa is the gluteus minimus bursa, which lies above and slightly anterior to the proximal superior surface of the greater trochanter. The two major bursae include the subgluteus medius and the subgluteus maximus bursa. The gluteus medius is situated posterior and superior to the proximal edge of the greater trochanter. The subgluteus maximus is lateral to the greater trochanter. It is almond shaped, 4 to 6 cm in length, and 2 to 4 cm in width... :-)

  2. Thank You for the good research. So, how many of the ultrasound diagnosed bursitis are real one? think about the muscle tears...