Thursday, December 1, 2011

News from irheuma

On you find the newly designed webpage!
In Switzerland every rheumatologist must learn msus (SGR/FMH-guideline). The basic, intermediate and advanced courses are offered by the msus section of the SGUM (Locomo-website). After three years of formation and successful exam there are several possibilities for further formation in msus. Refresher and advanced practical courses are offered by the Cencampus (Cencampus with webbased learning tool), if you are interested in RA-scoring for the SCQM database you can visit the advanced courses of the sonar-group (Sonar-website with image gallery). Since 2004 we present once yearly the US-day with specific topics in msus (US-day section).
We recommend to check the msus websites collection and to use the msus book produced by

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