Saturday, March 23, 2013

Suprapatellar Quadriceps-tendon lesion

a: b-mode; b: color doppler; c: power-doppler
Male patient, 71-years old, presented
for the left knee pain. The clinical examination was in
normal range and the conventional radiography releaved
mild osteoarthritis.

1.What is your ultrasonographic diagnosis?
2.Which therapeutic approach would you propose?
3.What are the particular features of the case and the
differential diagnosis?


  1. well defined hypoechoic mass with pathological vascularisation > hypervascular lesion/tumor
    DD: focal tendinosis/tear, crystal deposit, tumor

  2. The proper therapeutic approach was surgical excision of the tendinous lesion, with pathological exam, which confirm the diagnosis of hemangioma left quadriceps tendon.

  3. so I wasn't so bad with the dd.....